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Transformational Intelligence is having the ability to acquire and apply the right knowledge and skills to create a dramatic change.

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    What does every executive dream of?

    Whatever your dreams are, your chances of achieving them will be much greater if you can lead with transformational intelligence.

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    What is the current state of your business?

    Ideally, healthy businesses will move back and forth between Building and Soaring. In fact, Building is the key to sustainability.

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    What drives most of your decisions?

    The external environment is ripe for a major shift in the advancement of women in all fields globally. What about the internal lives of women?

e-book Good Business in Bad Times - 10 Minutes of Advice from 10 Experts



10 Minutes of Advice from 10 Experts

Edited by Cindy T. Petitt

10 minutes of advice from 10 experts, writers, coaches and consultants on how to bring out the best in your business in these very difficult times.

Learn About Coaching for Positive Action


To help individuals and organizations become better learners and discover new pathways to success so they can achieve extraordinary results and have a positive impact in the world.


To offer clients highly effective strategies to meet their specific needs and circumstances that are practical and easy to implement.


All change, no matter how negative it appears, can be implemented in a positive way to engage rather than demoralize employees.


If you genuinely show your employees that you believe in and care about them, they will reciprocate—often in ways that go beyond your imagination.


Helping organizations become agile, helping leaders and leadership teams live up to their potential, helping women thrive while staying true to themselves, and distilling the massive amounts of great information out there into a few simple, actionable concepts.


Cindy is a certified Executive, Business and Life Coach who has been serving as a thought partner with managers, executives, small business owners, and high potential employees for over twenty-five years. 

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