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Women are earning 60 percent of college degrees, are making 80% of consumer decisions, and are creating a well-documented competitive advantage for businesses where they are in leadership positions. The exponentially increasing economic impact of women is inevitable, the opportunities women will have in the future are unimaginable.

The external environment is ripe for a major shift in the advancement of women in all fields globally. What about the internal lives of women?

Triangle of Choice™

triangle of choice

Taking advantage of future opportunities in a way that also is personally gratifying may require letting go of a few anchors. Anchors, for example, are making decisions based guilt, settling because of insecurities, or taking on too much because you think it is expected of you. Letting go of anchors means understanding the choices that you are currently making and the personal cost of those choices, and learning how to reframe future choices so that personal fulfillment and personal time don’t get lost.

Too often women make choices based on daily needs of others and neglect making choices about what they want their own lives to stand for. Daily choices driven by push forces create stress and deplete energy. Daily choices made in the context of pull forces—passions and aspirations—can create calm in an overwhelming world and generate energy.

The vast majority of people make choices that are primarily based on push forces. They spend their whole lives reacting to their emotions and the world around them, and wondering why life is so difficult.

Coaching for Positive Action can help you understand why you are making some choices and avoiding others, and what choices put you in control of your life without having to make tradeoffs between work and family.

Coaching for Positive Action offers:

Coaching for Positive Action can help you build the capacity of your business or your portion of the business in any of the following areas:

  • Individual and group coaching of high potential women

  • Workshops on:

  • Communicating with Influence
  • Managing with Influence
  • Understanding Gender Differences
  • Maintaining Confidence and Credibility in Male vs Female Dominant Cultures
  • Positioning Yourself for Career Success
  • Being True to Yourself – Understanding and Managing Choices
  • Building Your Personal Power and Discovering Your Unique Success Model
  • Consulting

  • Assessments of programs designed to attract, retain and advance women through the pipeline to senior and executive levels.

Please contact Coaching for Position Action for a consultation on any of the above services.

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