“Cindy is one of the most interesting, smartest people I know. I am always learning something from her.”

Elizabeth Millen

Elizabeth Millen
Pink Magazine and Paisley Magazine

“When I first heard Cindy talk, I didn’t expect to learn anything new. But after a few minutes I realized that I couldn’t have been more wrong. She presents even well-worn concepts in a way that provides new insights, and she translates complex concepts into clear and easy to understand messages. More importantly, what I learned was practical and easy to apply immediately. Powerful learning from simple approach – it doesn’t get better than that.”

Judge Beau Patterson

Judge Beau Patterson
Founder and President
Please Rise Speaking, Training and Coaching
“The Speaker who Inspires, Empowers and Ignites Peak Performance”

“For two years, I wanted to launch a business and website to sell my photography but never seemed to make any progress. I participated in Cindy’s coaching program and had my website up and business ready to go within 30 days! It was incredible.

Cindy has also been my personal coach and it seems like every session we had, I had a breakthrough in my thinking. When I felt like I was hitting roadblocks, she helped me to see new possibilities and to focus on the little things I could do every day. Those little things ended up changing my thinking and I contribute her coaching to where I am today, which is having a successful business, being in a loving relationship after 14 years, and also having a successful project management career.”

Celeste LePrevost

Celeste LePrevost
Project Manager and Entrepreneur

“I have wanted to write a book about dog adoptions for more than a year, but just couldn’t take the time away from my business to get started. Then, I coached with Cindy and took her coaching program. She helped me to reconnect with my passion, focus on what was important to me, and break my goal of writing a book into small steps that I could do everyday. Less than 4 months since starting the program, I have now completed 30 chapters. Publishing this book is clearly within sight.”

Julie Chalpan

Julie Chalpan
Author and Owner/President
Focus Unlimited PR

“When I started Cindy’s coaching program, I was just starting Networking in High Heels (NHH). My goal was to expand my network. Within the first weeks of the program, my network grew with requests to form networks across the United States. Three months later, NHH was expanding internationally and became a finalist for the Small Business Road to Success Challenge by Marriott’s Fairfield Inn and Suites. Cindy’s coaching program helped me to jump start my goals and stay focused.”

Diana Bourgeois

Diana Bourgeois
Networking In High Heels and Magic Marketing USA

“Cindy Pettit has the rare gift of letting you know that you can trust her and that she can help you. I met her when I was reconsidering every aspect of my life. I had pieces of faith, maturity and wisdom but no framework or foundation that felt cohesive or made sense. Cindy’s vast professional knowledge, authenticity and the strength of her integrated life view helped me create my own clear vision and a radical new direction for my life. Cindy listened with all her intelligence and integrity, and led me to a profound life change. Who could ask for more than that?”

Diane McMahon
Designer and Writer

“Cindy performed executive coaching for a group of very senior executives at a federal agency. She demonstrated great competence in the art of coaching, and as important, developed highly effective relationships with her clients, serving as a trusted advisor. Cindy is someone who can help coaching clients find the optimal solution to their quest for answers. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Anne Kelly
Former CEO
Federal Consulting Group

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