Will your future be better or worse than it has been over the past six years?

How would you characterize the current state of your business?

Growing by adding new products or services, increasing market share

Investing for future growth by streamlining, increasing capacity, adding new technologies

Holding your own - continuing to do business as you have done it in the past

Under duress - fighting fires on many fronts - just getting by

Business is not sustainable – all hope of a turnaround is lost – implementing exit strategy

Ideally, healthy businesses will move back and forth between Building and Soaring. In fact, Building is the key to sustainability.

Coaching for Positive Action can help you build the capacity of your business or your portion of the business in any of the following areas:

  • Human Resources – Workforce Effectiveness
    • Build manager's capacity to identify and develop talent, nurture high performance and comfortably address poor performance
    • Clarify how competencies will be affected by changing business strategies
    • Create a work environment that values employee wellbeing and inspires engagement
    • Increase the capacity of the Human Resources staff to serve as strategic consultants to the business
    • Assess opportunities to more fully achieve the benefits of a diverse and gender balanced workforce
  • Business Processes
    • Strengthen and simplify business processes using an accelerated process
  • Change Management - Transformation
    • Clarify the purpose of change and transformation efforts
    • Develop implementation strategies that engender support rather than resistance from employees
    • Recreate a culture of trust and integrity

Please contact Coaching for Position Action for a consultation on any of the above services
by phone: 843 757-0251, or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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