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Transformational Intelligence is having the ability to acquire and apply the right knowledge and skills to create a dramatic change.

Over the past decade, we have seen dramatic change in the business landscape. Iconic businesses, particularly in the financial services industry, no longer exist. In the future, businesses that become masters of transformation will excel and those that continue to apply what led to success in the past will struggle. Ignoring what is different about the future is a path to extinction.

One of the most significant transformations that is evolving now and will continue to evolve is a rebalancing. We are seeing a rebalancing of values, power, priorities, and resources. Here are some examples of how this rebalancing is taking shape and affecting corporations.

Old New
  • Competitive advantage is measured by profits and market share
  • Competitive advantage is measured by positive impact on communities globally
  • Governments carry greater responsibility for social and environmental consciousness
  • Corporations carry greater responsibility for social and environmental consciousness
  • Power is concentrated
  • Power is distributed
  • 'Hard' skills are more important than 'soft' skills
  • 'Soft' skills are more important than 'hard' skills
  • Culture reinforces workaholism
  • Culture reinforces well-being
  • The workforce in professional fields is male dominant
  • The workforce in professional fields is gender balanced
  • Technology connects a decentralized workforce
  • Immersion technology makes location irrelevant – any resource can be in any location at a moments notice
  • Stress is managed by managing time
  • Stress is managed by managing energy

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Some organizations are already embracing and preparing for the future, but very few are fully there. In fact many organizations are not even aware of the changes facing them. Leaders who have a high level of transformational intelligence are needed to elevate awareness and guide these organizations into a future that is very different from the past.

Transformational Intelligence in Action?

Transformational intelligence is about transforming relationships because relationships are at the heart of all change.

Leaders with transformational intelligence demonstrate interest in, understanding of, and respect for distinctions that make colleagues and customers unique; and they leverage those distinctions to bring about exceptional performance, products and services. Distinctions can be based on numerous factors, but some of the most important ones are gender, culture and generation.

Transformational Intelligence - Leveraging Distinctions and Paying Attention

Transformational Intelligence also is about paying attention to the corporate mindset that drives behaviors, the impact of the corporation on the many communities it touches, and how the corporation uses technology to expand and enrich its connections with colleagues, customers and strategic partners.

Paying Attention to What Matters - Corporate Mindset, Communities, Connections

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